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Industry acronyms used within the AUS-MEAT website and more broadly include:

ACFM Advanced Carcase Fat Measurement
AFGC Australian Food and Grocery Council
ALEC Australian Livestock Federal Council
ALFA Australian Lot Feeders Association
AMIC Australian Meat Industry Council
AMILSC Australian Meat Industry Language & Standards Committiee
AMPC Australian Meat Processor Corporation
APL Austalian Pork Limited
AUS-MEAT Authority for Uniform Specification - MEAT
CCA Cattle Council of Australia
CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Reasearch Organisation
DA Australian Government Department of Agriculture (Federal)
e-DEC electronic - National Vendor Declaration
EMIAC Export Meat Industry Advisory Committee
eMTC electronic Meat Transfer Certificate
FLIAC Feedlot Industry Advisory Council
FSANZ Food Standards Australia and New Zealand
GS1 Global Standards 1 (Barcode & eCommerce Standards)
HACCP Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (System)
HAM Handbook of Australian Meat (AUS-MEAT publication)
IMS Integrated Quality System
ISO International Standards Organisation
JAS-ANZ Joint Accreditation System of Australian & New Zealand
LiveCorp Australian Livestock Export Corporation
LPA Livestock Production Assurance program
LPAS Livestock Production Accreditation Scheme
LSAA Livestock Saleyards Association of Australia Inc.
MINTRAC National Meat Industry Training Advisory Council Ltd
MLA Meat & Livestock Australa
MSA Meat Standards Australia (Meat Grading System)
NAS National Accreditation Standards (AUS-MEAT)
NATA National Association of Testing Authorities
NFAS National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme
NFF National Farmers Federation
NLIS National Livrestock Identification System
NLRS National Livestock Reporting Service
NPE Non Packer Exporter
NRS National Residue Survey
NSQA National Saleyards Quality Assurance
NVD National Vendor Declaration
OsCap On Site Correlation And Practice (software)
PCAS Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System
QMS Quality Management System
RIRDC Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation
RMAC Red Meat Advisory Council Ltd
RMSCC Red Meat Supply Chain Committee
SCA Sheepmeat Council of Australia
SFQ Safe Food Queensland
UNECE United Nations - Economic Commission for Europe
USDA United States Department of Agriculture

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