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Here is a List of Links to Related Programs and Useful Industry Sites

Industry Partners
· AUS-QUAL -Quality Auditing for the Agricultural Industry

Industry Contacts
· Meat & Livestock Australia
· Department of Agriculture
· Australian Lot Feeders Association (ALFA)
· Cattle Council of Australia
· Sheepmeat Council of Australia
· FoodConnect Australia
· Australian Meat Industry Council
· Australian Meat Processor Corporation Ltd
· Food Standards Australia
· Red Meat Advisory Council
· Australian Pork Limited
· Australian Hide, Skin and Leather Exporters Associtaion Inc
· Australian Renderers Association Inc

Exotic Industry Contacts
· Rural Industry Research and Development Corporation - ( Kangaroo, Venison, Ostrich, Camel, Emu)
· Australian Rabbit Farms Pty Ltd
· Central Australian Camel Industry Association Inc
· Emu Industry Federation of Australia
· Emerging Rural Industries Australia
. Deer Industry Association of Australia

Meat Processing and Trading
· Safemeat
· Food Science Australia
· NSW Food Authority
· Safefood Qld
· Dept of Health - South Australia
· DPI Tasmania
· Primesafe Vic
· Agriculture WA
· Security Foods
· Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicines Authority

Meatwork Recruiting
· Grunt Labour

Livestock Industry

· Livecorp (Livestock Exports)
· Certified Australian Angus Group Pty Ltd
· Angus Australia
· Herefords Australia
· Australian Brahman Breader's Association Limited
· Charolais Society of Australia
· Australian Wagyu Association
· Droughtmaster Australia
· Australian Brangus Cattle Association Ltd
· Holstein Friesian Association of Australia
· Australian Limousin Breeders' Society Ltd

Industrial Specialist Services

· AUS-QUAL - Quality Auditing for the Agricultural Industry
· National Accreditation Authority for Translators & Interpreters
· GS1 Australia Services
· Organic & Biodynamic Produce
· Elders Ltd
· Arrow Scientific Pty Ltd
· FOSS - Dedicated analytical solutions
· Start Food Tech - Abattoir equipment including P8 and GR Knives
· Red Candy - Creative Agency
· National Measurement Institute
· BECA (Industrial Consultants)
· Hennessy Grading Systems
· Tigercorp (Carcase brands and parts)

State, Territory Controlling Authority (Meat Production, Licensing etc)

· Food Standards Australia New Zealand
· NSW Food Authority
· Safefood Queensland
· Dept of Primary Industries - South Australia
· DPI Tasmania
· Primesafe Victoria
· Dept of Agriculture & Food - Western Australia
· Health and Community Services - Enviromental Health (NT)
· New Zealand Food Safety Authority

Australian Religious  - Organisations & Services
· Australian Halal Food Services
· Australian Federation of Islamic Councils

. Kosher Australia

· Canada Beef Inc.
· The Jacobsen Publishing Company's - Australian domestic and export market reports

· NSW HSC On Line
· Australian Qualifications Framework
· Department of Education and Training
· ISO Standards translated into Plain English

Standards/Reference Documents
· SAI Global InfoStore

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