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The Australian Renderers Association (ARA) is the national body within Australia which represents the interests of producers and traders of rendered animal products at the State and Federal Government levels and any forum where there is a need for the industry to be represented. Whilst it does not become involved in commercial issues it nevertheless facilitates trade in rendered products domestically and internationally.

The ARA started as the Australian Meat & Bone Meal Shippers and Producers Association in 1976 however the name was changed in 1989 to its existing title - a name then more descriptive of the Association and its role. This coincided with the emergence of the BSE problem in the United Kingdom and strong proactive decisions were taken by the ARA to introduce Accreditation Workshops for the Hygienic Production of Rendered Products to train plant personnel and also the development of a Code of Practice for Hygienic Rendering of Animal Products.

To increase education in the industry, the first International Symposium was held in August 1991 and symposia have been held bi-annually since. As a flow on from the establishment of the Code of Practice, the ARA today accredits rendering establishments as complying with the Code. Australia has been awarded by the OIE the lowest possible risk category for the chance of BSE occurring in our national herd.

Australia has been awarded by the OIE the lowest possible risk category for the chance of BSE occurring in our national herd.

Australia leads the way internationally in hygienic rendering practices. Australia has developed and implemented, with assistance of the ARA, an Australian Standard for Hygienic Rendering of Animal Products - AS 5008. The standard utilises HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) protocols to develop hygienic rendering practices.

Plants wishing to be accredited by the ARA must comply with the ARA Code of Practice for Hygienic Rendering which require compliance levels above and beyond the requirements of the Australian Standard and accredited plants are independently audited to ensure they comply with the requirements of the Code of Practice.

The ARA has signed a Letter of Exchange (LoE) with the Australian Department of Agriculture which requires the Association to implement and manage an independent third party audit system to ensure compliance by rendering establishments with the Australian Standard - AS5008 and any importing country requirements that the plant may wish to export to.

The ARA and AUS-MEAT Limited have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that appoints AUS-MEAT Limited as that third party independent audit provider under the LoE with the Department of Agriculture. AUS-MEAT Limited approved auditors are the only auditors authorised to conduct audits from which recommendations are provided to the Department of Agriculture for export listing for countries with specific export requirements over and above compliance with the Australian Standard.

Similarly, plants recycling fats and oils that wish to be accredited by the ARA must comply with the National Standard for Recycling of Used Cooking Fats and Oils intended for Animal Feeds and are audited under the same MoU.

Purchasing from accredited suppliers will ensure buyers they are receiving products processed to exacting hygienic conditions and where required will meet specific importing country requirements.

Copies of the ARA Codes of Practice are available from the ARA website

Please go to our Accreditation Search page for a list of ARA Accredited enterprises.

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