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Chile - Beef Certification

On April 15 2010, the Australian Government signed an MOU with Chile - Servicio Agricola y Ganadero (SAG) that in summary accepted the AUS-MEAT Accreditiation and Language system as meeting the needs of Chilean Beef grading requirements and therefore when in place, would negate the need for Chilean graders to be present in establishments in Australia in order to produce product for Chile.

Chilean authorities (SAG) have confirmed that under the new arrangements, "the only documents they require from the Australian exporter are the Health Certificate and the AUS-MEAT Certificate of Beef Classification to Chile. As far as SAG is concerned, there are no more additional steps and exports should be able to proceed."

Companies will need to apply to AUS-MEAT to have access to the On-Line Certification service and AUS-MEAT will issue login details to allow access to this service. Certificates will be signed and stamped by authorised AUS-MEAT personnel before collection.

Establishments will also be required to be listed for export of beef to Chile, as stated in the Department of Agriculture Essential requirements / MICoR. The establishment should request listing through their Department of Agriculture Area Technical Manager (ATM), who may then recommend to Central Office that an establishment is eligible to produce beef for export to Chile. The Department of Agriculture will then request the Chilean authorities to list that establishment as eligible to export beef, beef products and edible offal to Chile.

AUS-MEAT Verification audits will be conducted during the year to ensure compliance with the Chilean Beef Grading requirements.

Notification from the Department of Agriculture that the establishment is listed is required before commencing production for Chile.

Certifications Costs: $150 per Certificate

(Prior arrangement for collection of certificate from Brisbane Office will be required.)

Further information -

Link to the Chile Beef On Line Certification Service - Click Here

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