EU Grain Fed High Quality Beef

EU Grain Fed High Quality Beef Certification (GF-HQB)

The Commission of European Communities recently announced the application of an additional import tariff quota for high quality beef. The Australian Government has worked with the beef industry to gain access to this additional tariff quota.

The tariff quota prescribes that product must be sourced from beef eligible to be described as grain fed (GF) in accordance with the AUS-MEAT Standards. Additional age, dietary and days on feed (DOF) criteria apply over and above the AUS-MEAT Minimum Standards for Grain Fed Beef and the general requirements of NFAS accreditation and the European Union Cattle Accreditation Scheme (EUCAS).

The Department of Agriculture have advised that the Department of Agriculture, as the approved issuing authority will not commence issuing the required "Certificates of Authenticity" for the export of product under this quota until confirmation from AUS-MEAT that all Program Requirements have been met. Relevant Feedlot information is detailed in NFAS Advice 01/2010.

This is a new Import Tariff Quota for Grain Fed High Quality Beef and is subject to updating of the Enterprise's Approved Arrangement to comply with the EC regulation requirements.

Further information can be obtained from:

AUS-MEAT Advices - Click Here

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