Swiss High Quality Beef

Swiss High Quality Beef Certification (SHQB)

Australia has access to Switzerland High Quality Beef (SHQB) imports - item 0201.20/22 of the Swiss Customs Tariff. The specification requirements of SHQB are detailed in the customs document and should be verified with the Importer. AUS-MEAT will approve and audit the SHQB production program at individual establishments. Establishments wishing to send SHQB to Switzerland must have an approved program incorporated into their Approved Arrangement. A Certificate of Authenticity produced by AUS-MEAT will accompany the Health Certificate.

The Department of Agriculture will have direct oversight and audit AUS-MEAT in relation to SHQB. If an establishment seeks to produce SHQB they must be listed for both the European Union and Switzerland; the product must also satisfy some additional requirements which can be obtained from AUS-MEAT. Establishments wishing to produce SHQB should contact AUS-MEAT for approval.

Companies will need to apply to AUS-MEAT to have access to the On-Line Certification service and AUS-MEAT will issue login details to allow access to this service. Certificates will be signed and stamped by authorised AUS-MEAT personnel before collection and delivery to the Department of Agriculture. AUS-MEAT Verification audits will be conducted during the year to ensure compliance with the SHQB specification requirements.

Only one AUS-MEAT SHQB Certificate shall be issued for each lot or consignment. Each Certificate must be countersigned by Department of Agriculture.

Certifications Costs: $150 per Certificate.

(Certificates will be delivered to the Department of Agriculture Brisbane Office for Department of Agriculture approval.)

Further Information -

Link to the Swiss High Quality Beef On Line Certification Service - Click Here

Link to the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG) High Quality Beef - Click Here

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