LPA QA Auditors


The LPA On-Farm Quality Assurance Standards are required to be audited by qualified accredited third party (external) auditors.

During the first year, two audits are completed including the initial accreditation audit and an initial surveillance audit at a six month interval.

Thereafter, external audits are conducted at twelve monthly intervals, unless problems (non-conformances) are encountered on a property, in which case, external audit frequency may be increased. In addition, accredited producers are required to conduct two "internal" reviews of their management and record keeping systems (internal audits).

Where a producer seeking to gain accreditation can demonstrate that they already operate under a recognised quality system (Cattlecare, Flockcare or NFAS accreditation) and they have successfully completed two external audits, the producer can by application, request audits to be conducted on an annual basis commencing from the initial accreditation audit.

Producers are required to "self-monitor" and correct problems when they arise, not wait until an audit is due.

You can contact an accredited Auditor and arrange for an inspection of your property.

For a list of registered LPA QA Auditors call the AUS-MEAT Office on 07 3361 9200.

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