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The National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS) is an independently audited quality assurance scheme that was initiated by ALFA and is managed by an industry Committee the Feedlot Industry Accreditation Committee (FLIAC).

NFAS Objective
The objective of the NFAS is to develop a Quality System for beef feedlots that impacts positively on product quality and acceptability and for which the lot feeders maintain responsibility.

NFAS Mission
The mission of the NFAS is to ensure the Australian beef feedlot industry develops a responsible feedlot management program to:
  • enhance the marketing prospects for grain fed beef by raising the integrity and quality of the product;
  • establish a viable mechanism for industry self-regulation; and
  • improve the image of feedlots held by the community, particularly relating to environment and animal welfare matters.

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