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Accreditation Fees

An initial up-front Accreditation free is paid to AUS-MEAT Limited as part of the NFAS application and QA Manual review process. The Accreditation fee is based on the capacity of the feedlot.

Following accreditation, Feedlots are required to pay an upfront pro rata accreditation fee. This accreditation fee is payable on 1 July annually, however, this charge is currently being funded through grain fed levies in accordance with the directives of the Beef Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC).

Feedlot Auditing

NFAS Accredited feedlots are audited annually by AUS-MEAT Limited at a socialized rate which is based on actual audit time. Audit duration varies depending on a number of factors. These factors include but are not limited to the preparedness of the auditee and the size of feedlot.

QA Officers required at the feedlot

Feedlots must have a specific number of QA Officers at the feedlot. The number required is related to the size of the feedlot and is shown below.

Feedlot Size Up to 1000 Head 1,001 to 10,000 Head 10,001 to 30,000 Head Over 30,000 Head
Minimum QA Officers Required 1 Person 2 Persons 3 Persons 4 Persons


Application Form

Click here to download a copy of the NFAS Application form. (download)

Who Is Accredited In NFAS?

To check the NFAS accreditation status of feedlots participating in the NFAS type in the Property Number/Tail Tag Number of the feedlot. Only feedlots that are Accredited (A) or Provisionally Accredited (P) appear on this list. For more information please contact NFAS administration on 1800 621903.

Click Here to check for Property Identification Code (PIC) NFAS Accreditation.
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