How NFAS Operates

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To be accredited a feedlot operator must:

  • have documented procedures in place, specifically for the feedlot which meet the requirements of the industry standards;
  • maintain records that these procedures have been adhered to for all cattle prepared at the feedlot; and
  • undergo a third party audit of these procedures, records and facilities at the feedlot.


All feedlots wishing to participate in the NFAS are required to complete a NFAS Application Form and lodge that application with AUS-MEAT Limited. After completing the application details and attaching the required application fees fax or mail it to the address indicated in the "Further Information Section" below.

What does NFAS Cost?
All feedlots are required to purchase one NFAS Self Learning Program at initial application. The NFAS Self Learning Kit contains an instructional manual, a Program Guide, a booklet on Feedlot Quality System Management and blank QA Manual to assist the documentation of the feedlot quality system. The NFAS Self Learning Program also contains a copy of all of the Standards and Codes of Practice for the feedlot industry, which includes:

  • the Standing Committee on Agriculture - Australian Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals - Cattle (As amended or superseded)
  • the Australian Veterinary Association Code of Practice for the Salve Use of Veterinary Chemicals on Farms (As amended or superseded);
  • the Australian Lot Feeders Association Code of Practice - Protection of the Environment (As amended or superseded);
  • the National Guidelines for Beef Cattle Feedlots in Australia (As amended or superseded); and
  • the AUSVETPLAN Enterprise Manual - Feedlots (As amended or superseded)

The cost of the NFAS Self-Learning kit of $500.00 also include access to the Free NFAS Help Line on 1800 621 903.

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