Electronic Information Standards

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Global information standards refer to numbering, bar coding and electronic messaging (eMessaging) standards for specific red meat supply chain activities. Red meat industry guidelines have been developed by our industry from the global standards for trade and commerce.

GS1 Australia manages these global standards.

Development of Standards

A committee of industry representatives was formed in 2004 to oversee the development and application of information standards to the red meat industry. The role of the Red Meat Supply Chain Committee (RMSCC) is to provide co-ordination and direction for the development and adoption of the supply chain information standards and guidelines.

The activities of the RMSCC are complementary to the systems standards, products and guidelines developed through AUS-MEAT and focuses on identification and information technologies and systems from livestock production through to domestic retailers and international markets.

Industry sends a request to RMSCC who, together with a working committee, develop the information standards. These standards are then provided to the Australian Meat Industry Language and Standards Committee (AMILSC) for endorsement and publication.

RMSSC Membership and Structure

The RMSSC is made up of industry representatives including;

Australian Meat Industry Council
Meat and Livestock Australia
GS1 Australia
Australian Quarantine Inspection Services

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