Bar coding and numbering of carcase tickets and carton labels form the basis of the use of the information standards along the red meat supply chain from slaughter to retail or export. The standards for the bar coding is based on the GS1 (Formerly EAN) system.

Carcase Tickets

There is a specific GS1 bar code which should be used on carcase tickets called the GS1-128.  This bar code allows the necessary industry specific information to be included on the bar code.  Below is an example of a carcase ticket with bar code.


Carton Label

The GS1-128 is also the bar code whish should be used on carton labels.  Below is an example of a carton label with a bar code.



Further Information

For further information on carcase tickets or carton labels, see the links below to download;

Technical Fact Sheet:  Variable Weight Carcase Label

Technical Fact Sheet:  Variable Weight Carton Label

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