The use of global standards for numbering, bar coding and eMessaging offers benefits to all parties in the red meat industry supply chain, including;

For ALL trading partners;

  • The ability to identify goods and shipments quickly and accurately.
  • Track forward and trace back of products.
  • Faster delivery of goods.
  • Fewer handling and shipping errors.
  • Better inventory management and reduced inventory holdings.
  • Reduction of order and replenishment times.

For domestic processing;

  • Including slaughter, boning, cold store, value adding, retail ready, by-product/co-products.
  • The ability to identify carcases, cartons, bulk packs, pallets and shipments quickly and accurately.
  • Compliance with customer (retail or export) requirements for bar coding.
  • Track forward and trace back from slaughter to retail shelf.
  • Integration with the National Livestock Identification Scheme (NLIS)
  • eMessaging ability for the NVD Waybill and Meat Transfer Certificates

For livestock production:

  • Including breeding, backgrounding and finishing.
  • The ability to identify livestock (mobs and individual) and consignments quickly and accurately (NLIS).
  • Electronic NVD and Waybill (e-DEC) and other regulatory and market access forms.
  • Producer feedback matched to properties, mob and individual animals.

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