Electronic Meat Transfer Certificate

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The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry (DAFF) require that a Meat Transfer Certificate (MTC) is completed every time export eligible meat is transferred from one registered establishment to another. This process can be quite time consuming.

An electronic version of the Meat Transfer Certificate has been developed by industry to provide a non-proprietary system based on international standards for the creation, printing and electronic sending and receiving of Meat Transfer Certificates (eMTCs).

The eMTC has been developed by MLA with the assistance of DAFF, GS1 Australia, industry participants and export customers. This new system can be used free of charge by industry, provided they meet the necessary requirements.

The eMTC system was developed to:

  • Lower the cost and administration time required.
  • Allow for the requirements of MTCs to be built into the various company inventory systems, allowing the company to run one system only for their own inventory management and MTCs.
  • Provide a higher level of security. An independent message is sent electronically and reconciled to the physical shipment.
  • Allow the inclusion of the details of each and every carton/carcase, pallet and case that comprises a shipment.
  • Provide a faster system and a higher level for 'Track Forward' and 'Trace Back'.
  • Assist in meeting export customer requirements for bio-security and source verification of product.


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