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By using the AUS-MEAT Language - what are the benefits?

The AUS-MEAT Language is a common Language that describes meat products and ensures that you get what they want and get it every time.

The AUS-MEAT Language objective descriptions are for use by the producer on the land, abattoir Enterprises, boning rooms, wholesalers and food service organisations. The Language has been adopted throughout the Australian meat industry and provides customers with an accurate way of ordering meat products.

To assist the Australian Meat Industry in producing consistent, accurately described meat products to meet market requirements, AUS-MEAT has established accreditation standards for abattoirs, boning rooms and wholesalers. Purchasing from these accredited suppliers ensures effective quality assurance procedures every step of the process from, handling, storage, processing and packaging through to labelling and description of meat products.

To suppliers: Achieving consistency of quality is essential to survival and business growth. An establishment wishing to become AUS-MEAT accredited is required to develop and implement monitoring procedures which ensure that the AUS-MEAT Language is accurately used and that product conforms to specified requirements.

To customers: Assurance that your order is produced by trained staff and monitored throughout production by AUS-MEAT accredited personnel. In addition to this, your supplier's quality system is independently audited by AUS -MEAT.

To industry: The meat and livestock industry by embracing the principal of quality management will identify and reduce waste and derive measurable benefits from continuous quality management.

For further information on the AUS MEAT Language, Download the Language brochures for each species which can be found under the corresponding heading on the left.
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