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AUS-MEAT Limited is an industry owned company operating as a joint venture between Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) and the Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC). AUS-MEAT runs efficient, disciplined business practices operating under internationally recognised Quality Management Systems: ISO 9001 Certification.

AUS-MEAT Accreditation

The National Accreditation Standards are designed to protect the integrity of the AUS-MEAT language and the interests of the Australian Industry in relation to the sale, distribution and export of Australian Meat and the reputation of AUS-MEAT Limited.

Accreditation - Abattoirs and Boning Rooms

Under the Australian Meat and Live-Stock Industry Act 1997 all Export Abattoirs and Export Boning Rooms must hold AUS-MEAT Accreditation. Abattoirs and Boning Rooms licensed by State Regulatory authorities may consider AUS-MEAT accreditation adding some value to their operation and in some cases providing access to Tender procurement. These operations voluntarily accept the requirements (and benefits) of being AUS-MEAT Accredited.

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Accreditation - Non Packer Exporters (NPE's)

Under the Australian Meat and Live-Stock Industry Act 1997 a person in management and control of a Meat Export Business must hold an Export Meat Licence. All Export Meat Licence holders must have AUS-MEAT Accreditation before they will be issued with a Licence. The information on our Training section webpage provides the necessary details about the Qualification requirements (Quality Systems Accreditation) that is required by NPE's.

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Accreditation - Further Processors (Meat)

A Further Processor is an operation that processes product beyond boning, slicing and trimming that is not described by the AUS-MEAT Language. Typical operations include - curing, heat treatment, drying, canning, fermenting or rendering. If the Further Processor intends to Export any products they will require an Export Meat Licence and will require AUS-MEAT Accreditation.

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AUS-MEAT Quality Management Systems Guidelines & Checklist

These Guidelines and Check list provide details to assist meat processing establishments prepare a documented Quality Management System (QMS) incorporating AUS-MEAT requirements to comply with the National Accreditation Standards and adequate use of the AUS-MEAT language.

1) All companies applying for AUS-MEAT Accreditation will need to use this framework when developing their QMS.

2) All Enterprises progressing to AUS-MEAT A+ Category MUST use this Framework to develop their QMS ensuring all sections of their operation are covered.

The QMS Guidelines and Checklist have been updated to assist companies integrate the AUS-MEAT operational activities and Accreditation requirements with the GFSI Framework.

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Advanced Carcase Fat Measurement Program (ACFM)

This program aims to recognise the skills of carcase fat measurers by way of certification as Advanced Carcase Fat Measurers.

The ACFM program applies to any Establishment that employs ACFM certified staff, and in particular Establishments where Over the Hooks traded stock is processed.

Establishments that pay and trade on the basis of carcase fat measurement need highly trained and skilled measurers to ensure that carcase fat depth is accurately measured and accurately recorded. Carcase fat measurers can attain recognition of measuring skills through ACFM certification and maintain certification through annual updating by AUS-MEAT.

Establishments that participate in this program as a requirement of the A+ Category, or voluntarily as A Category establishments can promote themselves as having AUS-MEAT Certified Advanced Carcase Fat Measurers. This, in turn should encourage agents and vendors to sell their livestock to these Establishments on a carcase weight and fat basis.

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Ageing: Controlled pH Decline Systems

Accelerated Conditioning programs require AUS-MEAT approval and in conjucntion with Meat Standards Australia (MSA) AUS-MEAT has developed a Controlled pH Decline System as an optional alternative to Electrical Stimulation requirements.

Such procedures will only be approved on an individual basis and will be specific to each Enterprise. These regimes are designed to minimise meat toughening through both cold shortening and heat shortening.

The Controlled pH Decline System Requirements (Appendix VI - NAS ) are now available in the National Accreditation Standards (AUS-MEAT Members site).

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