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LOIN HAM: 4099Z (Cutlets)

Points requiring Specification.

  • Number of ribs.
  • Rib distance from eye muscle.
  • Skin removed.


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Primal and Portion Quality Requirements

Primal's and Portions to be derived from AUS-MEAT Category: * P *

Primal Weight : Loin (Cutlets) is derived from Pig carcases weighing between 60kg to 70kg.

Primal Fat Range: <12mm. (Subcutaneous).

Preparation and Portion Size
Wedge shape cutlets are not acceptable.
No knife scores or damage to muscle or fat.

Rib number: 6 ribs
Weight Range/Cut thickness: To be specified by customer. Thickness to be even.
Allowable tolerance: + or - 10grams

Packaging to customers requirements:
Bone guard to be applied to vacuum pack bone in cuts.

Packaging, Labeling and Food Safety

Inner Packaging: MW/VAC. (blown bags will not be accepted) or Layer packed LP.
Number of pieces per vacuum bag as per order.

Outer Packaging

Packaged Product to be packed in approved clean food grade cartons or approved clean designated plastic tubs lined with a sheet of plastic.
Cartons/tubs identified with the supplier's name and address.
Finished gross weight not to exceed 16Kg.

Condition: Fresh or Frozen as ordered

Labeling Requirements

Company Details
Date of Packaging
Use by Date
Net Weight
Product Description
Code identification (Eurest)
Portion size / number of pieces

Food Safety

Delivery Temp:
Maximum 5°C chilled
Maximum -15°C frozen
High Risk Product: High

Sensitive Customer: (as per order details)

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