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  • Eye Muscle Area Grid

    Eye Muscle Area Grid

    Price: $11.00

    Use the AUS-MEAT E.M.A. Grid to calculate Eye Muscle Area at the assessment site.

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  • AUS-MEAT & MSA Marbling Reference Standards

    AUS-MEAT & MSA Marbling Reference Standards

    Price: $85.00

    The AUS-MEAT & MSA Marbling Reference Standards provide a ready reference for Assessing either AUS-MEAT Marbling or MSA Marbling in beef carcases. The new standards are designed to allow the Assessor to carry one reference which can be used for either system. Only available within Australia Orders placed outside Australia will not be shipped!

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Note: The Carcase Maturity (Ossification) Standards are to be purchased from Meat Standards Australia (MSA). You can contact the MSA team on 1800 111 672 or Visit MLA Website


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