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This information is provided to assist Enterprises understand the On Line Assessment program now available for Standards Officers to complete the theory assessment component of the Standards Officer Accreditation process to comply with AUS-MEAT Accreditation.

What is AUS-MEAT Standards Officer Training?

· The aim of AUS-MEAT Standards Officer Training is to increase the knowledge of enterprise operatives in AUS-MEAT requirements to ensure the enterprise is capable of maintaining its accreditation.

· It enables the company to allocate the duties amongst any staff that have been trained to the competency level required to perform a specific task.

· Up to date online and practical assessments are conducted at each individual establishment to allow flexibility and maximum participation.

Will our company need to complete AUS-MEAT Standards Officer Training?

· Depending on the scope, all AUS-MEAT accredited enterprises must have trained operatives to monitor the AUS-MEAT requirements within the specific areas of the business (refer National Accreditation Standards).

· An enterprise must employ or engage an Officer in Charge (OIC) and a backup OIC. These personnel are responsible for conducting AUS-MEAT activities to ensure the processor is capable of maintaining its accreditation.

· Standards Officers are engaged to assist the OIC to ensure that that part of the process for which the Standards Officer is responsible conforms to the AUS-MEAT requirements. Standards officers must complete the relevant assessments for their area of responsibility.

What will our operatives get out of the training?

· Increased knowledge of the AUS-MEAT requirements

· Ability to monitor descriptions used and measurements taken in that part of the establishment for which the Standards Officer is responsible.

What does the training cover?

· The training has a modular approach to enable operatives to be trained in their particular area of responsibility. The modules that are included are as follows.

a) Slaughter Floor Requirements

b) Offal Room Requirements

c) Boning Room Requirements - As a pre-requisite all operatives must have successfully completed Level 2 (Beef / Sheep) Product Specification before commencing this training.

Note:Beef Food Service and Sheep / Goat Food Service examinations are based on questions taken from the User's Guide to Australian Meat - 4th edition. (publication is available in the AUS-MEAT members area).

d) Load out Requirements

e) Advanced Carcase Fat Measurement (ACFM) this is a requirement for all A+ accredited abattoirs.

How long does the training take?

· There are two assessments that need to be completed prior to being deemed a competent Standards Officer. They include:

- Online Theory Exam. This must be completed as the first step in the process (80% pass required on all exams)

- Practical Assessment. This is carried out on plant by the assigned AUS-MEAT Area Manager.

· All assessments are carried out on plant with the flexibility of using the AUS-MEAT Online Exam System. Operatives are registered and online assessments completed at the employee's own pace. Times taken for assessments will vary depending on the employee's prior knowledge.

· On successful completion of the online exam, time must then be scheduled with your Area Manager to complete the practical assessment of the training.

Who needs to be trained?

· There must be a management representative who has the overall responsibility for the quality management system who acts as an Officer in Charge (OIC)

· An OIC must complete all the relevant training assessments for their establishment as well as the OIC online exam.

· There must be one trained operative present in each area of production when product is being processed.

· For each area it is suggested that several operatives from the area of production complete the training. This in future will cover the loss of any staff from any area on any particular day.

· The key operatives who may be trained include Foreman, QA personnel and any operatives involved with the use or application of a process that has AUS-MEAT requirements placed on it as per the National Accreditation Standards.

What happens after the training?

· On completion a Certificate of Competence will be issued to those participants who successfully pass both their online theory and on plant practical assessments.

Will we need more training after completing initial certification?

· For each holder of a Certificate of Competence, an on plant practical assessment to demonstrate competence will be carried out by an AUS-MEAT Area Manager on an annual basis. The Certificate of Competence must be updated annually.

· For operatives holding a Certificate of Competence that may not have demonstrated competence for between 13 and 36 months, at the Area Manager's discretion will be assessed accordingly

· For operatives holding a Certificate of Competence that may not have demonstrated competence for more than 36 months will be required to resit the exam process.

AUS-MEAT Circular 2/11 - AUS-MEAT Standards Officers - On Line Theory Examinations: CLICK HERE


The Standards Officer On Line Assessment Program is password protected and only available for AUS-MEAT Members. The program can be used with most Web browsers, however Internet Explorer or Firefox are recommended. There is a detailed How to Use On Line Training information available once a user has logged on. Individual companies will need to consider system security issues for Web use and should consult with their System Administrators.

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