Duane Leadbetter Award

The award has been established in memory of Duane Leadbetter, a key figure in developing and promoting Food Safety auditing programs in Australia.

Each year, AUS-MEAT Limited is proud to support two people aspiring to be a Food Safety Auditor, one from the Meat Processing Industry and one from the Horticulture Industry.

The Duane Leadbetter Memorial Award gives funding of up to $5,000 AUD to complete a Lead Auditor Food Safety Training course.

Award Winners

Year Field Winner Employer
2016 Horticulture Sarah Downs Australian Food Corp, Keystone Foods
2016 Meat Processing Meagan Abbott Thomas Foods International, Murray Bridge


Nominee Requirements

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Be working full time within the Meat Processing or Horticulture in Australia
  • Have agreement from their employer for the time to complete course
  • Be aspiring to be a Food Safety Auditor
  • Have completed at least 12 months minimum continuous service in one of these sectors
  • The course must be undertaken within 12 months of winning the award 
  • The award covers the course cost plus travel and accommodation

The nominees will be required to complete the Application Form linked below and including a short (less than 300 words) statement on why they should be awarded the study grant.

Nominations for 2018 will close 31 July 2018.

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