Rosé Veal Program Information

Rosé Veal Program Accreditation

The Rosé Veal Program (RV) has been developed to meet the requirements of key stakeholders.

Only Calves from an AUS-MEAT Accredited Rosé Veal Feeding Facility are eligible for the description Rosé Veal (*RV*). All Rosé Veal Calves must be described on a Rosé Veal delivery docket.

By being RV Accredited, a feeding facility is able to clearly demonstrate that it is operating in accordance with the requirements and expectations of consumers, markets, regulatory authorities and the wider community in relation to the key issues of animal welfare, environment, meat quality and food safety.

All Feeding Facilities wishing to participate in the RV Program are required to complete an Application Form and lodge that application with AUS-MEAT.

The below attachments provides information for those who are considering Accreditation with the Rosé Veal Program.

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