AUS-MEAT Producer Resources

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AUS-MEAT Producer Resources

AUS-MEAT is wholly owned by the Australian Meat and Livestock Industries.

AUS-MEAT develops, maintains and reviews accreditation standards in consultation with the meat and livestock industries.

The standards are designed to protect the reputation of AUS-MEAT, the integrity of the AUS-MEAT Language and the interests of the Australian meat and livestock industry in relation to sales, distribution and export of Australian meat and livestock.

AUS-MEAT publishes a comprehensive range of publications designed to help the meat and livestock industry make informed decisions around the production of cattle, sheep and goat enterprises. At the request of the industry AUS-MEAT has developed two (2), easy to follow manuals designed to deliver the basic information required for livestock producers in relation to the AUS-MEAT industry trading language.

If you require any further information relating to the AUS-MEAT Language or would like technical advice regarding a complaint you can contact us on 1800 621 903 or via the enquiry form below.


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